Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 7 at The FAR Clinic - milestone #1

Yay - one week in and guess what?  Today was a good day!  I woke up feeling a little better so I wasn't sure what to think.  The one thing with Lyme is that you always wake up feeling worse.  This really goes against what you think is supposed to happen after a good nights rest.  In my mind it is one of the most diagnostic signs of Lyme.  We have all woken up feeling yucky now and then.  But when day after day, week after week, you do nothing but sleep and yet, the morning is the worst..thats a sign.  It is so chronic that I would consider one of the most significant signs for something like Lyme  - that something may be taking over.

So even when I woke up feeling pretty good today I still didn't want to get excited because the other interesting thing about Lyme is you can never really predict the full day.  If the morning is going not badly that could change in a flash and you are sick and in bed.  Vice versa, you could have a horrible morning and then things turn around for a few hours.  Its better to ask a person with Lyme how this hour is going vs. how their day is going. And with time, those good hours become less and less, but you still yearn for them and when a small pocket of feeling better occurs, you take it for all its worth.  So today has been a bit like that, with this constant apprehension, cause the wheels may fall off at any time.  But I am over half way through the day and I can safely say this is the best I have felt in months, maybe even in a year.

So as happy as I am, I have been warned that it won't stay like this.  I have a few more ups and down as we go.  I get that and am trying to stay reminded.  But I have to tell you that it feels really good to know the old me is in there somewhere.  I also have to credit a couple of awesome messages I got today, to really give me that extra push. All your messages are awesome and appreciated.  Each one has an extra dose of energy and are making this process that much more possible.  Thank you.

I got a card from Elanda today. She really gets this process.  She is a "wellness coach" and not a trainer per say.  They caution using trainers because so often Lyme patients are misunderstood.  The same old story, we don't always look that sick so it is hard to imagine whats going on inside. I think the same is true for many diseases, especially autoimmune type ones.  It is often misunderstood as an attitude problem, but when all your systems are being affected, its just impossible to push yourself.  Mind you, she does seem to find a way.  But she knew I was struggling the last few days.  She never mentioned a word and still pushed me, and well, I got through it.  Today, she thought it was important that I knew, she knew what the last few days were like, even though I tried not to let on.   Some people are just amazing at what they do.  BTW she may not be a personal trainer but she is the most ripped, physically fit female I have ever known.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.

They neglected to mention that as soon as you start to adjust to some of the treatments, they up the intensity.  Well, they kind of presented it as a challenge/dare. I still think someone from home gave them a heads up on me lol.  But the heat went to 103 and the G force machine (the one I don't like very much) apparently, it can go at a much higher intensity.  Geez, I think its safer to go into the clinic looking like hell.  They go much easier on you lol.

I talked so much about hope yesterday, I feel like I am filled with it today.  So in the next few days, I am going to share the day of the "bite".  I have learned a very important lesson, since that day, that would have changed this whole story.  It's worth revisiting now because I believe there is purpose in everything...a burden in every blessing.  And if there is one thing I can share with people about lyme, it's what I did wrong.  Ironically, I was the first one to bring in experts to teach our staff on ticks and Lyme.  I know when it is all said and done I won't take any of it back.  And the one thing I won't let it take from me is my love of the outdoors.  That has done more for my health than it ever took away. But knowledge is the true strength, isn't it.

A big whopping battle win for me today...the bastards didn't stand a chance.

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