Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 9 at The FAR clinic

Great day at the clinic today.  Woke up with a horrible headache, a lot of pain and dizziness.  I got a message yesterday congratulating me on a lot of progress the last few days; but reminding me not to get discouraged as I am likely to experience some setbacks shortly.  How to kill the excitement lol.  Just kidding, I so appreciate the dose of reality because it's a long fall when you are not ready for it.  

Funny enough I am usually incredibly dizzy after hyperthermy, but today it cleared my head.  The fog over my eyes diminished and my ability to think was enhanced.  It won't last all day, but it is a nice feeling and a comfort that that type of reality is just around the corner. 

Had a great chat with some of the staff today.  The clinic is really try to find ways to make these treatments available to many more people; and many continents.  I can see the task is daunting but the research they have done here, needs to be shared.  The results are amazing.  Even with my constant change in symptoms, I feel myself recovering and my strength coming back.  And I have almost two more weeks to go!  

And since my friends are coming, and may uncover my dirty little secret, I am going to share.  I may whine and complain to all of you and thanks for the sympathy lol.  But there is one treatment that is really a walk in the park.  There is a pulse electromagnetic frequency bed that I lie on everyday and that's all I do.  I know I made it sound so tough here hahaha. It's really not that bad.  One pad focusses on troubled spots and the whole bed is hooked up to a computer that can change the frequency depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  Rough eh!? 

They are also very emphatic about good sleep.  If it is not going well they have natural solutions and if needed prescribe stronger.  The research shows that no matter what treatment is employed, your best healing is when you are in a deep sleep. They are insistent on each patient getting this deep sleep for as long as possible.  Science and medicine can be amazing but at the end of the day our body is the miracle worker.  Funny how we often don't let it do what it does best.  

The other thing they are relentless about is good breathing.  As you know I am hooked up to oxygen most of the day. Oxygen is the second biggest factor to killing these anaerobic cells (cancer and Lyme).  So breathing, being outside in fresh air environment and well, a good oxygen machine can do wonders.  But if we are not constantly making sure that intake is significant enough, how can we kill those cells off.  And I know much of my day is not spent making sure I am relaxed and breathing well...till now!  

So, it's a short message today, my friends are here!  Thy don't know it yet but I think they are coming to the gym, oh and maybe for treatments tomorrow lol.  

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