Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 3 at the FAR Clinic

Its Saturday, but there is no rest for the battle against Lyme.  Well actually there is.  Interesting finding today.  Unlike many Lyme patients I am getting okay sleep at night.  That I could have told them, but when you have Lyme it never feels like enough.  But many Lyme patients don't sleep well, even though they sleep all the time.  And I can't say I haven't had tough times, especially when the joint pain was severe, it was difficult to stay asleep because you are constantly uncomfortable.

They have only had one other patient with a similar ability to sleep and she had made the same comment as me, that she had been a horrible sleeper most of her life until she got Lyme.  I attribute much of that to the fact if you are not a very good sleeper you put a lot of practices in place to try to get better sleep, like routine, watching what you eat at night and what you do.  Maybe all that effort was worth something ;-)

They did explain that it is believed that the sleep problem is heavily associated with when the disease gets into your brain, whether it is the infection or the inflammation, something messes up the messages and signals.  That I can vouch for, a lot of messages are pretty messed up these days hahaha.  But what they think may be worth looking into is whether the message that gets messed up fixes those with sleep challenges.  I like to think its all my work, but more likely than not its the swelling in my head lol.

They have a fitbit on me and track it day and night.  I feel like I am being watched, which I guess makes sense because, I am.  They want to also make sure I am not doing too much.  Did somebody call them ahead of my arrival???  The exercise regime is very heavily scientifically based on enzyme therapy.  This means all the exercise is to stimulate enzyme reactions in your body and specifically in your muscle to fight disease and build you immune system,  I find this information incredibly interesting. But I had to go for a long walk last night (very slowly of course) because it is so beautiful. I am staying in a rather industrial area, yet it has beautiful mountainous views.  Its been high 20's daily and I am surrounded by snow peaked mountains...some of my favourite things.  And getting healthy...three of my favourite things.

On the exercise front there was already significant progress in my heart rate recovery.  I cut it in more than half in 2 days.  Thats proof that they know what they are doing here because I have spent the last two years trying to no avail to improve that, even slightly. I have a long way to go, but small accomplishments go a long way these days.

We got into to detail about the medical smoothie, pretty complex in ingredients, there are close to 30 and some things I have never heard of.  But I am really encouraged by this because they confirm how difficult it is for us to get the nutrients we really need these days.  Our food has changed so much and food with dense minerals and vegetables are just tough to get at the levels we really need.  And they say the exact same thing that the clinic Dad went to in Switzerland did, sugar is the main killer.

I felt so informed about sugar and yet, it was the key issue that kept me from fighting Lyme.  Cancer thrives on sugar but so does Lyme because it can hide and survive in the yeast in your body and as that builds so does your sugar craving, so it is a vicious circle.  I can confirm my sugar cravings were insane near the end.  And even though you know its wrong, funny enough your body does better on it because it feeds the problem and relieves some of the symptoms.  So the quick fix was killing me.  And although I knew better, I did not know what to do.  Now that I understand it better, I would have done things differently...famous last words.

So those are my hard lessons for the day.  I almost fainted after hyperthermy today but I didn't almost puke...small accomplishments :-)

I have Sundays off - so I am glad for the rest.  Feels like I have gone to battle...well I have I guess.  Bastards 0 - Kristy 3 (days at the clinic).  I plan to do a really slow hike up Mount Olympus.  Is that not the mountain Hercules climbed to get instructions and power?  Okay thats Mount Olympus in Greece, but I hear the Olympians Gods discussed important matters and drank wine up there, so its worth a look isn't it.  I'll let you know.

On a side note: I have been asked if you can share this blog. I felt this battle was a bit too personal to share on Facebook.  But I also know that I would not be getting help if someone had not shared their very personal battle with me.  A blog was a biota a compromise.  I also feel the key to conquering this disease is getting awareness out there and getting the professionals engaged.  So, if someone is interested feel free to pass it on.  Just let them know I am writing with Lyme brain ;-)

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