Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 20 - at the FAR Clinic

I have great new to share today!  Last night was a horrible, horrible evening.  Yes, that is my great news because I was told my symptoms yesterday are a sign that the lyme is fighting back.  The lyme feels attacked and is taking a last stance at trying to survive.  As rotten as I felt, it is great news to hear whats going on.

To date a lot of the treatments have been to recharge my immune system, lymphatic system and boost enzyme production.  The big issue is that my body lived with lyme for so long, it thought it was normal.  My body no longer fought it.  And when it did try to fight it in the beginning it drained my immune system and depleted my lymphatic system.  So they were done.  Everything had tried to fight the lyme, but they fought so hard they had nothing left and thats when the lyme went wild.

The treatments so far have been recharging those systems, refuelling them, waking them up and feeding them so they know to fight and have the energy to fight.  Some of the symptoms have been brought on by the treatments because they serve the purpose of making the body think there is a new disease to fight.  By default these treatments start to kill of some of the lyme bacteria as well.  But the really persistent ones remain.  And as the lymph, immune and enzymes starts to recover, your body starts to build strength and together with the treatments, they start to kill off the bacteria at a greater rate.

Last night, instead of pain, I felt a total body ache, swelling, tightness, a horrible headache and a confusion and blurriness, that took over my whole body,.  There was no one spot that was bad, it was just everywhere.  There is nothing to take for this, because most over the counter meds don't work, but also you don't want to impede the process.   After 19 days, my body is starting to fight the good fight all over again and I don't want to screw that up. So I slept and rested and tried to get through it and about six hours later, I felt things start to lift.  It sucked, I was exhausted to go back for treatment today, but it was worth every second.

When I arrived at the clinic today, they were very quick to say that that is a true sign the lyme is fighting back.  I like to think of it as, we have killed off the weak ones to date, and now the strong ones are resisting.  They don't want to go down easy, but luckily my whole body is back on board again and ready to take them down, with a little help from science and medicine.  I guess the game went to a while new level that I didn't know about and the good news is, I am ready.  They must have heard me yesterday when I said "game on"! If I am being totally honest, I didn't feel ready for battle when I woke up this morning.  But finding out what was happening sure can pick up your spirits quickly.

So needless to say, there is a pep in my step today that has not been there for a very long time.  I may have a crappy night tonight or a lousy day tomorrow, but those bastards are going down.  I know that now because their scared lol!  I like to think of them as running scared...causing havoc in my body, but in time, we are going to find each one of them and take them down. hahaha

And even more good news, my oxygen was at an all time high today, even during exercise.  That has been one of those things that was not up and down in this process, it has always been bad and a battle to try and improve.  Today, it spiked at an all time high and at one point was even as high as it could be for a very healthy person.  So despite the battle going on inside of me, my body is also showing clear signs of improvement.  Its just a good day!

My motto with every decision that had to be made about treatment this week is the number of days left, let's give it all we got.  Matt was debating what temperature we should go with hyperthermy because of my days away...then we said "4 days left..." and that was the answer.  Tomorrow will be 3 days left, lets go harder!

I have also decided that I seem to thrive with mild torture. Unfortunately, that is probably why I am in this situation.  I bring on challenges for myself that sometimes seems ridiculous to others.  I guess it is a sick and twisted desire to suffer in order to feel accomplishment - I don't know.  If I didn't challenge  myself to a 300 km hike in the bush by myself, I may not have Lyme.  But it is that same personality that is pushing me through these treatments and helping me thrive.  Its just who I am.  It has its perks and downfalls. I would like to say I will learn and change but its not likely.  But I can tell you this experience has taught me tons about taking care of my body.  Boosting my immune system and other functions beyond what regular medicine could ever imagine.  I will never take that for granted.  Much of what I do here will become my regular life.  And all I can't think about is what might be possible when I am healthy again.  I also hope to find a way to share this with others.  The information is so accessible, the possibilities are endless and the good it can do is immense.

UPDATE: to my "Letter to my Canadian Clinic" it has been 2 full business days since I sent it and no response...stay tuned.

As far as I can see from yesterday, the bastards and I ended in a tie.  I battled and they battled back.  But they revealed a lot of themselves and my body showed it is stronger.  So for one day, we end in a tie...but I have a couple of power plays coming up.

Bastards 7 - Kristy 11

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