Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 1 at the FAR Clinic

I arrived in Utah just before noon and I was already getting a call from the clinic asking how I was feeling and if I needed to be picked up for my blood work.  I told them I had slept on the plane and felt fine to drive.  I would see them shortly.

I had a tour of the clinic and they shared a lot of info with me.  I was very relieved that they expected my brain fog because I was having trouble taking it all in.  They keep referring to "Lyme Brain" and telling me not to worry in a few days it will all be second nature.  Its nice being around people who get me.

The meeting with the doctor is very encouraging to me.  He reiterates what the New York doctor said about why there are so many false negatives in North America and how our testing system has always  been failing us, so we need to start diagnosing clinically.  He is well aware how backwards Canada is and how it is not only not recognized properly but also could never be treated properly in my country.  Canada's statistics say there were 22 cases of chronic lyme in 2014 and 70 in 2015.  That makes the experts laugh as they say there is proof of closer to 250,000.  Sad to say I can go from running a half ironman to not able to walk more than 5-6 minutes on a treadmill and no one thinks there is an issue.

I want to tell him how the fill in doctor (my doctor happened to be on a year leave when I got really sick) snickered at me when I said I wanted to see a Lyme Specialist in New York.  How she told me I needed to wait for more symptoms to develop before she could diagnose it (I guess 51 were not enough).  And how she refused to read the info from the Specialist and how she said she would not even prescribe what the American Doctor recommended without a positive test.  Thats how it goes in Canada.  So a hard working, educated, active, and normally healthy Canadian has to spend all her savings to get any help at all.  I have decide to accept that I don't understand the legalities and the challenges enough and let it be.  I have to believe that no country or person would let some one suffer for no reason, when an open mind is all that is needed.

I am here in Utah now with people that believe me, supported by family, friends and other medical professionals who believe me and I am going to get better. I am going to make every penny spent on this and any treatment worth it.  The people in my community have made me cry more than once in the process.  I am blown away by the generosity.  I wish there was a way to express what it feels like, but I just can't find it right now.  I just cry every time I think about it.  I must find a way to describe that feeling.  I once felt very rejected by a system, but feel so loved by a community.

One of the staff describe one of the strains of Lyme I have, bartonella, by saying "oh you have that bastard".  I didn't really know that one could be worse than the other, but I have decided to call them all bastards.  And those bastards have finally met their match.  They planted themselves in the wrong girl, who has travelled to the right places and they don't stand a chance.

The doctor tells me that over the next week, I am not going to like them very much.  I am going to feel worse and better more times than I can count.  I am going to hate the treatments and how they push me.  I told him I had already had a few rounds with Lyme, then antibiotics and I am ready for the next opponent.  He expects there to be Herxes (detox reactions) as well.  He explains that this is not a straight road of improvement, it is full of "hills and valleys".  He believes at some point everyone wants to quit.  But then he proceeds to tell me that it is possible that I do an Ironman again someday.  On that note I say "bring it on"!


  1. Hey there, How did they pump you with oxygen? Blood? Inhaled?

  2. Can you please write a follow up on how your treatment went. Was it successful. What was it like? I'm thinking of going, I'm just really scared.

    1. Yes, I have been working on that. Its hard to know what exactly worked and didn't work. I swear with Chronic Lyme, the most successful people do many things and many treatments to eventually get success. The FAR clinic regained a lot of my physical health but I am still treating and trying to overcome other symptoms. I will do my best to provide a summary over the next week.

    2. My 12 year old son is about to start their program, I'd love to know more about your results. It's awesome to be in an environment where the understand you and the disease, but comfort isn't a cure. Also, the follow-on protocol, how is that? Are you told you need to buy their supplements for the rest of your life, or is the diet something that can be maintained without their direct involvement?

    3. Hi Ron, I'm wondering how it went with your son? I am thinking of taking my daughter there soon. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    4. Your results may vary.
      My son went through the program. We did the follow up therapy and dietary suggestions. Even bought an oxygen concentrator and used it as directed.
      Now, after the expense of all that, the Clinic, airfare, hotel, meals, car, equipment, supplements, and the cost of all the organic this and that, and making him drink the smoothies, and every day hyperthermia, etc., I would have to say he's no better in any measurable/observable way than before. Except my son is more "treatment fatigued" and more discouraged, and more depressed. Going through all that, and still no improvement, is hard on him. After that, he's much more skeptical about trying anything else.
      Again, your results may vary.

  3. Kristy - First, thanks for sharing your blog. Second, I hope you are feeling better!

    Please do follow up. I was looking into these treatments as well. I called and talked to one of the docs there. He seemed legit, but who knows? Also said it would cost me 15K. I have absolutely no problem with this...if it works :) ... Let us know if you think it was worth it.

    Email -

  4. Has anyone else been to the Far Clinic? I am considering going for treatment of Bartonella.

  5. Please send me an email on what you decided to do. I have recently been tested positive for having Bsrtonella and would love to hear what you've learned.


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